Adult Classes

In addition to our weekly service on Sunday Morning we also offer several other classes for adults, both on Sunday and during the week.

Sunday School

We offer several adult Sunday school classes offering different topics and different age groups.

Sunday Night

Sunday evenings we begin with a worship set followed by a recap the morning message going more in-depth and allowing for questions and answers

Wednesday Bible Studies

We have currently have two studies. One is a ladies group (the women offer the same study Wed. morning), and the other is a group for both men and women

Home Bible Studies

Humans were made to live in community, so HCC offers small groups in order to foster community among our members. We currently offer 4 small groups. 1 is for Jr. and Sr. High meeting on Sunday nights at the youth minister’s house. 1 is for 20 and 30 year olds and the other 3 are for those over 40. The adult groups meet on Thursday nights at various houses throughout the community