The History of Our Church

On November 17, 1963, a small group of concerned Christians met in the Scout cabin for worship with William Reece conducting the service.

When the invitation was given, 15 people went forward to place fellowship and start a New Testament church known as Parish Park Christian Church.

We met for several months in the Scout cabin with more people becoming a part of the Lord's church.

In April of 1964, construction began on the new church building. In just a few months we began having service in the new building setting on boards held up with concrete blocks.

In June of 1967, we started construction on the Educational Building, which was dedicated on October 1.

Jessie Moore laid all the brick in both buildings and also the parsonage in 1971 with the help of other men from the congregation.

We were very blessed to have such a wonderful facility in which to worship the Lord.

We continued to grow and in June of 1997 we broke ground for a new sanctuary that was added to our other building. The new building had a seating capacity of 285+, with a large foyer and new office complex, which we dedicated on April 26, 1998.

It is a beautiful and comfortable place to worship the Lord. We invite you to come and worship with us at 900 East Boyton.

-LaVaughn Wisely

In October, 2004, we changed our name to Heartland Christian Church. For 41 years, the church meeting at 900 E. Boyton at Marion, IL has been known as Parish Park Christian Church.

It was the desire of the leaders in 1963 to identify the church location with the surrounding neighborhood, known then as the "Parish Park Addition." Not many know the area where the church is located by that name anymore, and we are broadening our influence into other communities, and looking to the future of the town of Marion as its area is becoming known as "the Heartland".